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Brazilian and Afro-Cuban Jazz Conception 

a play-along book with written improvisations, commented annotations and exercises, published by Advance Music. The books are available for 8 different instruments.

Brazilian and Afro-Cuban Jazz Conception is the new exciting series of play-along books by award-winning Brazilian flutist and composer Fernando Brandão and features fifteen original tunes in various Brazilian and Afro-Cuban styles. This edition clearly aims at being more than a simple play-along collection. For each of the tunes a thorough analysis and additional exercises are given. An extensive introduction into the various styles and rhythms of Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music makes these books even more valuable. The rhythm section and soloists are among the most prestigious musicians in contemporary Brazilian music.

Rhythm Section: Leandro Braga - piano, Adriano Giffoni - bass, Xande Figueiredo - drums, Zero - percussion.


Soloists: Fernando Brandão – flute, Paulo Sergio Santos – clarinet, José Canuto – alto sax, Humberto Araújo – tenor sax, Jessé Sadoc – trumpet, Sergio de Jesus – trombone, Leandro Braga – piano, Zé Paulo Becker - guitar


Advance Music - for more information and to buy the books, click here

One and Two Octave Scales and Arpeggios for Beginners
Progressive scale and arpeggios exercises for beginners in all keys. It includes chromatic, major and minor scales.

Written in 1999 (independent publication)

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